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12 Step Programs By Psychic Advisors

Spirituality Comes In Many Forms By Psychic Advisors

There are many spiritual practices.  Take what you like and leave the rest.   Our Psychics come from different backgrounds.  One of the most popular programs that incorporate spirituality is 12 Step Programs.

There are many 12 step programs available. The popular Alcoholics Anonymous gave influence to many programs. A.A was founded by Bill Wilson in 1935.

Many popular 12 step programs include: ACA – Adult Children of Alcoholics, Al-Anon/Alateen, for friends and families of alcoholics, CA – Cocaine Anonymous, CMA – Crystal Meth Anonymous, CoDA – Co-Dependents Anonymous, DA – Debtors Anonymous, EA – Emotions Anonymous, GA – Gamblers Anonymous, NA – Narcotics Anonymous, NicA – Nicotine Anonymous, OA – Overeaters Anonymous, SAA – Sex Addicts Anonymous, SCA – Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, WA – Workaholics Anonymous and many more.

The goal in a 12 step program is to recover from the addiction and/or the effect of the influence of the addiction/addict around you. The group support, literature, and meetings are the centerpiece of a fellowship. In meetings literature is read and discussed. People share their experiences and listen to others share. Working the steps with a sponsor is vital in the program. Going thru all 12 steps with someone is the premises of any 12 step program.

More importantly, a 12 step fellowship brings you closer to your higher power. Some call their Higher Power, God. While others refer to their Higher Power as an energy force that is far greater and powerful than them. The 12 step program is a spiritual program governed in its steps and traditions.

The biggest difference between NLP (new age way) of reprogramming addiction versus a 12 Step Program, is that within the 12 Steps one views their powerlessness over the substance (alcohol, person, substance, etc.) Whereas the NLP way suggests that one view themselves as being more powerful over the substance. Surely the goal in the NLP way is to combat addiction. NLP disagrees with the 12 step approach of powerlessness.

I am not against NLP. I support anything that helps a person live their life in a healthier way. However I know that the 12 Steps goes a lot further than NLP because it’s one thing to stop an addiction versus staying stopped. In fact, the staying stopped process is where the real work comes in.

The most enriching principle of a 12 step program is “One Day At A Time.” Hearing someone’s share in a meeting strengthens one’s recovery. However the best part of any fellowship is that it re-awakens one’s life whereby it enriches them to seek deeper spiritual meaning. Some followers add to their program therapy, spirituality, new age, etc… It enriches one’s life and is a new way of living in a healthier, sober, and more purposeful way. There is a certain maturity born in the rooms of these fellowships.

Many have abandoned religion for various reasons. The 12 Steps doesn’t not cater to a religion nor is it a cult. Instead, by bringing you closer to your higher power, you come up with what you need to continue exploring so that you find wholeness.

There are some addictions that have altered a person’s chemistry whereby medication is also required. For example, if a heroin user stops it could impose danger because the body and brain relied on it. This is why they are placed on methadone. Users of Crystal Meth may find themselves in the same predicament. Though they may stop, the brain has been severely altered from usage. For this reason medication is usually prescribed. Though the 12 steps have nothing to do with medication, it helps one get closer to willingness and a higher truth. Those extenuating circumstances can find enrichment with the 12 steps.

There are no dues or fees. All meetings are self supporting thru their own contributions. All collections typically go to meeting space rent and literature.

Recovery is never an event. It is a process. Surely milestones are celebrated. Yet recovery is a lifelong transformation.

My favorite quote is “No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” No matter how broken one may be, transformation is around the corner.


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