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Psychic Advisors Describe Venus Retrograde

Psychic Advisors on Venus Retrograde

Psychic Advisors  Describe Venus Retrograde

Psychic advisors give readings on many topics.  Love and career are very common topics of discussion in a reading.   Psychic advisors have described the current Venus Retrograde since March 4 has not been easy. Venus rules relationships and material possessions (which also includes our money.) During this retrograde we examine our current circumstances and factor in if we want to continue with them. We also re-visit our previous relationships and encounters. It is common to run into people from the past as there are past themes that may need to be reviewed.

During this time we may find that our desire for intimacy becomes slightly stagnant. In an everyday sense, there could be delays in meeting people socially. Usually it can involve either with apprehension and/or a timing delay.  It is not the time to embark any type of new relationship. This in effect until April 16.

Since Venus rules finances, it is not the time to make any major purchase and/or act on any major investing.  In fact, I have witnessed a few clients wanting to change their banking and financial advisors. In one instance, a client felt that the advisor was sleeping at the wheel when it came to her account. Surely this retrograde is excellent for evaluating if the needs and goals are being met.

Whenever reviewing how this cycle impacts your life, it is wise to see how it impacted you in the past when a prior Venus retrograde was close to this current position. You will see some similarities from the prior dates: March 18-April 29, 1969, March 16-April 27, 1977, March 13-April 25, 1985, March 11-April 22, 1993, and March 09-April 20, 2001

Starting 6 April 6- April 26 will be the roughest part of the retrograde. Though the retrograde exits on the 16th, during those 20 days it will be a period where romance may be experienced with limited expression. Indifference increases. Surely that can give rise to doubt, insecurity, and fear. There could be feelings of coldness thickening. For the first 10 days it will be felt at its worst since it is retrograde. It does improve alot more after the 11th of April. Upsets that start from April 6 – April 16th may be bottled up that lead to a devising some form of a strategy after the 17th. There are many lessons in love during this period.

Mercury Retrograde By Our Psychic Advisors

On a side note, Mercury too is going retrograde on April 10. So until May 3, I suggest avoiding any new agreements. This too includes embarking a new business relationship.  Though the effects of Venus retrograde are released on April 16, the full effects aren’t full discarded until Venus gets past the shadow point.

The shadow point is when a planet travels past the point it entered retrograde. The full effect of the retrograde is released when the shadow is reached. Therefore on May 19 the full release is in effect. Surely you can enter a new contract after May 4. Turbulences that occurred on the retrograde will be completed, terminated, and rectified of quashed.

So if any business relationships need to be changed, I recommend waiting until May 4. If there are thoughts of separation or divorce, I would recommend waiting at least until May 19.

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