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Weekly Horoscope

Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope By Monica extension 8002 10/20-10/26

Weekly Horoscope for all 12 signs.  If you know your rising sign, be sure to read that too!

Aries: You shouldn’t be quite so eager to pick up the dinner or entertainment tab. It might seem offensive to one who’s usually in charge and a little sensitive as well. Diplomacy, please!

Taurus: What a delightful day to share with the people you love and admire! Anything off the beaten track will appeal to your love of diversity and adventure. Have a fun time.

Gemini: Today’s new Moon highlights future plans and aspirations. Be selective when choosing associates. You do well mingling with groups that share your ideals.

Cancer: You could change your mind more than once before this highly charged day is over. Second-guessing about a recent decision is likely.

Leo: You want to believe those sweet nothings whispered in your ear, and you probably will. This evening’s scenario could envelop you in a state of true cosmic bliss.

Virgo: If you are serious about a cause get involved on this Earth Day. Be aware, however, that there are two sides to everything.

Libra: Somebody isn’t leveling with you and you need to find out why this is so. It shouldn’t take long to satisfy your curiosity. Be persistent.

Scorpio: Keep a secret entrusted to you. Telling tales out of school isn’t nice, especially when good friends and/or close relatives. You know what’s at stake here.

Sagittarius: A family get-together is really a lot of fun. You could be hosting gone today. You’re in charge, so make it a memorable occasion.

Capricorn: Vary your routine so you won’t be bored. There are ways to turn around a ho-hum Monday. Make a splash’ others follow your lead.

Aquarius: Accept an invitation that seems quite ordinary. It could turn out to be a great opportunity. Rubbing shoulders with prominent people has advantages. This can work out well.

Pisces: Great expectations don’t always work out the way you hoped. Today’s opportunity shouldn’t be wasted. Those who are motivated will make progress.