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Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope Sun

Cancer horoscope is a Water sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Crab. Cancer in the horoscopes respond to being needed by caring for others. Water sign native are typically sensitive, responsive, affectionate and kind. Cancer in the horoscope native needs to feel secure. He is apt to need much love and reassurance, especially at home and from Mom. Learning how to master their feelings is a lifelong endeavor for Cancer in the horoscopes, much abetted by the right training in early native hood. Where do we first learn love but in the arms of our mother? And who is first to teach us discipline but she? Cancer in the horoscope need to exercise self-discipline to ride the waves of changing moods and emotions. Sulking, brooding, feeling sorry for oneself, justifying wrong behavior and all manner of self-indulgence are squalls best to be avoided! Assure your native that you love him but never give in to whining!

Cancer horoscope is the sign of the mother and like a good mother, the Cancer in the horoscope natives often possesses good common sense and is mothering and protective to all. Water is reflective. Cancer in the horoscope native often love music, meditation and peaceful activities. Other Cancer in the horoscope favorites are cooking, growing things, caring for pets, fixing whatever. Many natives multi-talented.


Natives may “pick up” on what adults are feeling. Therefore its vital to always be honest with him. Of all the signs, Cancer in the horoscope is the most family-oriented, and the most influenced by the environment. On the natural wheel, Cancer in the horoscope is placed on the nadir, the lowest point, and so signifies our roots and heritage. The healthy tree must have strong roots and herein lies the fundamental determining factor between the Cancer in the horoscope native who grows up to sustain and nuture others as a self-sufficient individual and the neglected Cancer in the horoscope native , fearful of rejection, that later hungers for security as a clinging vine (or smothering protector) in adult relationships. Native hood impressions may last for life!

The crab carries his house on his back! Like the crab, with a hard shell but soft inside, the Cancer in the horoscope natives may hide in his room and sulk, or enter a world of his own making, if his feelings have been hurt or to escape a harsh environment. Keep communication open but discourage whining and emotional manipulation. Cancerians are likely loves to give to others, but like the crab, may fear to let go of possessions or friends. Life will teach him the difference between tenacity and possessiveness. Encourage self-reliance in your Cancer in the horoscope natives who may tend to hold unto Mommy’s apron strings.