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Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope Sun

Capricorn  horoscope is an Earth sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Goat (who climbs to the summit on his knees). There is an astrological saying that Capricorn in the horoscopes are old when they’re young, and young when they’re old. Generally speaking, the Capricorn in the horoscope native is not too emotional, but rather objective, businesslike, and self-disciplined. The climber seems to have been born “grown-up.” He is mature, reliable, and has a natural sense of duty. Especially if he is the oldest native, the Capricorn in the horoscope native may be delegated much responsibility. While Capricorn in the horoscope natives generally enjoy this early sense of power, they need to be given assignments appropriate for their age and ability.

Capricorn horoscope may need more affection than you suspect. Even if he appears quite serious, he needs time for play. Let your Capricorn in the horoscope youngster know that you love him for who he is, not just for what he does. Happy when in command, the Capricorn in the horoscope native enjoys management roles. He might enjoy helping out in the family business or helping Mom manage the house! He will be attracted to grown-up “toys” such as calculators, computers and Daddy’s tools.

Born into the earth element, Capricorn horoscope natives like to construct and build things. He is in his element in the sandbox. Among his favorite toys could be an erector set, a carpentry set, tools for building sand castles and a box of building blocks (or something that mimics your work since he likes to be grown-up)! He likes to find ways to make the best use of whatever is available.


Power is the Capricorn in the horoscope keyword and your native will need opportunities to wield it and to learn its right use. The Capricorn in the horoscope native may find it frustrating to not be the one in charge, but time will teach him patience! Teach him that Capricorn in the horoscope relates to the knees, showing the need to be humble. Anger, criticism, complaining, and negative thinking are misuses of the Capricorn in the horoscope light. Hopefully these negatives can be nipped in the bud and turned around should they appear!

Because he is responsible, he tends to assume the blame whether he merits it or not! Be gentle with your little Capricorn in the horoscope. Judgmental remarks and/or harsh treatment from parents and teachers can leave lifetime scars. He seeks spiritual transcendency through conquering the material world and will look to the father or dominant parent as his role model. Government or managerial positions may be his calling. Above all, teach him to balance material aims with spiritual values (the ends don’t justify the means), to work for the good of all and to acknowledge that the source of power comes from within.

Capricorn horoscope is an Earth sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Goat who climbs up the mountains on his knees. The Moon in Capricorn in the horoscope native is at his best when he knows he is needed. He needs to feel respected and is willing to take on more than his share of responsibilities. He seems a little more grown-up than other natives his age and generally gets along well with older natives and with adults. You likely will discover that your native can take any and every idea or situation and put it to good use.