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Horoscope For All 12 Signs

The horoscope  most are familiar with is the Sun sign.  It is wise to read both your Sun sign and your Rising sign if you know it.  The reason for this is because the most techniques that calculate the Horoscope do so by utilizing what is called a Solar chart.

That Solar chart places the Sun (which is what most read) onto the Ascendant. So if you blend both the Sun and Ascendant horoscopes, you will see validity in the forecast.

Surely a more personalized and true Horoscope is read by an Astrologer.  Astrology takes several years of study and practice in order for it to deem accurate.

Like a hairstylist, school can teach basics when it comes to rendering services. However it is upon practice that creativity  is unleashed. Therefore, Astrologers take classes to learn the basics.  It is then through years of practice and experimentation that helps the Astrologer grow into a fine chart interpretation artist.

These free horoscopes on our website is for you to get some guidance in helping you with the choices around you.  However these horoscopes or any horoscope could never replace a true personalized reading.

Prior to the computers, astrological charts were calculated by hand.  That calculation can be tedious as it required a “table of house”, scientific calculator, ephemeris, and other tools.  The beauty in learning how to do this despite all the software that will calculate charts is that the seasoned Astrologer can catch errors in the chart construction. It could be the smallest detail such as a the wrong time zone, longitude for place of birth, daylight savings time,etc.  In fact, errors are likely when the non trained Astrologer performs advanced calculations on a progressed chart, solar return, solar arc directions, composite charts, etc.

An education is always priceless.  Therefore a seasoned and trained Astrologers will catch tiny errors. Why is that important?  Astrology is about timing.  If the timing or calculations are thrown off, it may throw off the timing of the forecast.