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Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini horoscope is an Air sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Twins. Gemini in the horoscopes are here, there and everywhere and come up with a thousand questions! (Record his questions in a little book and then research the answers together.) Your little Gemini in the horoscope was born to investigate, search, and explore. He likely seeks to communicate by all available means: talking, writing, broadcasting, learning foreign languages. Phones and walky-talkies make a big hit! Some Gemini in the horoscope natives are chatterboxes. Others are exceptionally witty. Teach your Gemini in the horoscope to be still and to listen to what others have to say.

Gemini Horoscope is also a manner of transportation may catch his attention; scooters, bicycles, skates, whatever, anything in which to get around! Gemini horoscope natives can be into many projects at once! A skill essential to your little Gemini in the horoscope’s future success is the ability to focus and complete the task at hand. As your Gemini in the horoscope grows, you might find ways, such as making lists, to help him order his mind and his tasks. He needs this training to develop good study habits and avoid dissipating his energy.


Gemini horoscope natives are born mimics. They need good role models. Discernment is advised in the selection of books and movies, since little Gemini in the horoscope will copy (often verbatim) what he sees and hears. Sometimes the Gemini in the horoscope ability to pick up quickly amounts to a high degree of impressionability.

A good book is like a treasured friend to natives of this double air (mind) sign. Stack up your library! The Gemini in the horoscope native is often the teacher’s pet because he loves to read and enjoys learning a broad range of subjects. Gemini in the horoscope natives typically like learning at a fairly brisk pace. Gemini in the horoscope rules writing and journalism. Your native might benefit by keeping a diary. Later he may be interested in working on the school paper. Working with his hands could steady his restless mind. (Sewing, painting, building with legos, washing the dishes, planting) Gemini in the horoscope natives seek variety in everything; clothes, food, books and in everyday experience. Some have trouble staying still! Teach your native to concentrate.