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Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope Sun

Leo horoscope is a Fire sign on the feeling cross. Its symbol is The Lion. Leo in the horoscope is fire of heart! Your little Leo in the horoscope Lion radiates warmth and affection. He is apt to be outgoing, overflowing, and generous, and genuinely concerned with the welfare of others. Always the leader, if not the center of any group, your native seldom fails to attract attention. If he feels left out or unnoticed, he may resort to negative attention, better in his mind than none!

Your native may well wear his heart on his sleeve, or hidden behind a noble bearing. Leo in the horoscope natives exhibit strong emotions. Typically, the Leo in the horoscope thrives on praise, and delights in showing you his accomplishments and how proud he is of himself! Dramatic and just plain happy to be here, your Leo in the horoscope is warm of heart, gregarious, outspoken, and independent. Look for opportunities to place him in the limelight. Leo in the horoscope is the sign of performance. A family party can be a fun time to shine and show off a special skill such as singing, charades, or skits. Your little lion will enjoy telling tales and hearing colorful stories.


Leo horoscope natives often do well in programs such as the Scouts where merits can be earned and true leadership developed. As he matures you may discover that your native has a way with younger natives. Teach him that true leaders are humble, and can obey orders as well as give them out. He may need to be reminded that other natives need turns to be the leader, too! Tire not in reminding him of the importance of working cooperatively with others. These are lessons that will always serve him well! Like a king, he may take for granted the good things in life. Teach your Leo in the horoscope youngster always to give thanks and express appreciation for what others do for him. Caring for his things is another way to show, “I care” but little lions can be careless at times.

Leo in the horoscope is the sign of amusements and recreations. Many Leo in the horoscope natives enjoy parties and participating in sports. To motivate him, devise ways to make learning fun. Then again, life is not all fun and games. Leo in the horoscope natives may need to learn the importance of finishing the job, simply because it has to be done.