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Libra Horoscope

Libra Horoscope

Libra Horoscope Sun

Libra horoscope is an Air sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Scales. Always seeking a mirror or clear pool, the Libra in the horoscope native tends to look for his identity through the eyes of others. Throughout his native hood, your little Libra in the horoscope will look to others for clues to know himself. The Libra in the horoscope native seeks to please and put forth his best to measure up to your praise. Conversely, he could act out negative behaviors to please an adult or friend who somehow doesn’t see the best in him.
Close friendships mean a lot to your native . Theater is a good medium for trying on many hats safely. Libra in the horoscope native need to develop self-confidence and a strong sense of identity. They need to be taught the importance of trust and honesty in all their interactions. Natives of the scales tend to compare one thing with another but its best that you not compare him (negatively) with his friends. Because Libra in the horoscopes see both sides, they have a strong sense of fairness but may have trouble making decisions. Give your little Libra in the horoscope many opportunities to make choices. Praise him when he makes up his mind decisively and quickly!

Libra  horoscope natives are natural arbitrators and often play the role of the class peace-maker. Later, some will grow up to be lawyers! Libra in the horoscopes are born diplomats and can get along with almost anyone. They need to learn to say “No” (rather than trying always to make someone happy). They may become unbalanced and noticeably disturbed by an ugly or discordant environment. Libra in the horoscopes are attracted to beauty and peace. Even so, your own example can help your Libra in the horoscope native learn how to confront and handle unpleasant situations. Some Libra in the horoscope natives will resort to lying rather than rock the boat. By all means, stress honesty and openness in your household.


Even Libra horoscope babies will respond to flowers, color and other touches of beauty and harmony in their surroundings. Most Libra in the horoscope natives like to dress well. Your native may have artistic talent that you will want to cultivate. Your native is almost certainly sociable and benefits by early training in social skills and graces. Libra in the horoscope natives can be charming hosts and hostesses at parties and school functions. Nevertheless, their ability to charm can amount to a mask, hiding their true intentions. Teach your native to DARE TO BE TRUE! The scales are the scales of justice and Libra in the horoscope natives are sure to speak out against perceived injustices.