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Mars in Astrology


Mars in Aries in the horoscope

Mars in Aries is self gratification. While it’s great to be a self-starter, your native must learn to respect the wishes of others. Especially if he has other planets in Fire signs, he may have to curb a “me first” approach by learning to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings. He may have blind courage and sheer guts, but watch out for any tendency to be daring to the point of foolishness. His greatest need could be to acquire patience and self-control. Aries in the horoscope is the sign of ego, the whole gamut of “ego games” coming under this sign, from temper tantrums to feigned passivity. He could have a hot temper, but generally doesn’t hold unto grudges. Be patient with this native. The more positive his sense of self, the more successful he is likely to be in expressing Arian leadership and initiative rather than Martian anger and aggression. Teach your native to be true to his “REAL ME”! The Mars in Aries in the horoscope native enjoys sharpening his skills in competition. He jumps into competitive learning games. Sports help let out some of the steam of his fiery abundant energy. He might especially likes athletics that are competitive like racing. Machinery, go-carts and cars may appeal to he. The plus of this placement is self-motivated enterprise, and an ability to forgive easily and move on; the negative is pride and conceit, and an “I’m going to do what I want to do anyway” kind of arrogance. He has plenty of enthusiasm and creativity but needs direction. He is quick to begin, but generally needs help completing his tasks.

Mars in Taurus in the horoscope

Taurus in the horoscope is an Earth sign on the feeling cross. Its symbol is The Bull. The native with Mars in Taurus in the horoscope is motivated to work. Anchored in the earth element, he works hard to acquire material wealth and possessions (his belongings). Things represent security to him. He could have a tendency to hoard. You may have to help him learn to let go of habits and things that have long lost their usefulness. He may sometimes be possessive and will need help learning to share.

Natives with this placement often have great staying power, a drive for security and stability, and can withstand almost anything! They tend to be dependable, somewhat emotional but steadfast. Your native could be slow to act, but deliberate and sure of his footing. This is the turtle that beat the hare! With Mars in the sign of the bull, your native could be “bullheaded.” While he tends to be stubborn, he likely is patient and slow to anger. Once angry, watch out! (Have you ever seen a bull charge?) Your task: provide your native with projects designed to develop “positive” stubbornness: i.e. persistence, tenacity, endurance, determination. Point out the dangers of “negative” stubbornness should it arise; i.e. disobedience, defiance, an “I have to prove I’m right no matter what” attitude.

This earthy sign is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty. Naturally, natives with Mars (desire) in Taurus in the horoscope like beautiful clothes and often have an eye for expensive things. It’s important to teach your native right values and moderation in eating, recreation and in handling money.

Desire is strong in this sign and the Mars in Taurus in the horoscope native who is over-indulged can become lazy, even fat. A preoccupation with food during childhood could later become a preoccupation with sex if not resolved! Mars in Taurus in the horoscope is often found in the charts of jewelers and artisans working in hard materials such as leather, metal or stone, sculptors. This position also favors work that deals with natural resources, farming, real estate, metal and banking. Chefs and restaurant owners and other jobs dealing with food are also favored. Since Taurus in the horoscope relates to the throat, singing ability may be indicated by Mars in Taurus in the horoscope (especially if Venus is well aspected).

Mars in Gemini in the horoscope

Gemini in the horoscope is an Air sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Twins. The Mars in Gemini in the horoscope native is motivated toward mental accomplishments. He typically loves to learn and loves to teach his findings. Communication of all kinds –speaking, writing, phones, walkie-talkies, visits and socializing — provide him with the means of disseminating information. He may have too many irons in the fire at once. He can be all over the place, always trying to make one more connection. Make sure he finishes what he begins before he begins something else although he may be deft at doing more than one job at a time! (As an adult, he may hold two or more jobs simultaneously.)

Speaking and writing come naturally to him as well as the ability to pick up foreign languages. Gemini in the horoscope rules the hands. You may find your native uses many gestures in speaking including a tap-tap-tap with his fingers on the table which says, “Hurry up, Mom, this is taking too long!” your native has a need for lots of variety, a change of pace. He tends to be restless, even nervous but needs to learn to take a breath and be at peace.

Your native may be witty and clever. Nevertheless, be patient in teaching him to control his tongue! Sometimes, this position inclines to argumentation and rude speech or worse yet, to gossip. Because he enjoys changes of scenery, he delights in trying out different forms of transportation, from strollers, tricycles and roller blades to cars and train rides.

Natives with Mars in Gemini in the horoscope often have fine motor abilities. Working with the hands helps him focus his mind. Teach him that there’s a place for everything, for everything a place and you’ll be doing him a service for life! Especially if afflicted, keeping his room clean (with countless books and objects) may prove challenging to both of you! Brothers and/or sisters may play an important role in your native’s life.

Mars in Cancer in the horoscope

Cancer in the horoscope is a Water sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Crab. The native with Mars in this emotional sign needs to conquer fear of abandonment. He needs to feel secure within the family and secure within himself. He is extremely sensitive and tends to react from an emotional level. Because he take things very personally, he often is defensive. If your native strikes out (the Cancer in the horoscope crab has claws!) at loved ones in a dogmatic and demanding manner, he may secretly fear being rejected. He may need to learn to look at his feelings more objectively. He needs to learn that he is responsible for his reaction and cannot justify wrong behavior because so-and-so said or did this or that! He needs constructive examples and guidance in knowing how to deal with his emotions when they well up within him. The degree of sensitivity experienced by the native with Mars in this water sign may be difficult for parents and teachers to understand unless the water element is emphasized in their own charts as well.

The Mars in Cancer in the horoscope native feels attached to his mother (the crab can cling as well). He is apt to be affectionate and caring. Let him know you love him but encourage him to develop self-reliance and self-discipline. He needs to express his feelings. When the Mars in Cancer in the horoscope native holds in his anger and hurts (the crab hides in his shell) he sometimes gets indigestion and stomach problems. Many natives with this placement are resourceful, imaginative and multi-talented. Your native likely loves family, native, and animals. He may enjoy cooking, repair work or carpentry. Motivated by feelings, the Mars in Cancer in the horoscope native can feel frustrated when he has to delay gratification. If he doesn’t feel like it, he may find it hard to summon the gumption to get the job done! You can help him acquire the self-discipline he needs by providing him with structured activities, by teaching him to manage his time properly and by being consistent in seeing that he follows up on household chores and routines. With good aspects, he has common sense; if afflicted, he may need to work at it!

Mars in Leo in the horoscope

Leo in the horoscope is a fire sign on the feeling cross. Its symbol is The Lion. The native with Mars in Leo in the horoscope strives to be center-stage. His actions may say, “Look at me!” Your native ‘s dramatic expressions easily capture the attention of others. Indeed, many actors have Mars in Leo in the horoscope. Leo in the horoscope is the sign of royalty. You native may display the confidence of kings in he regal bearing! Giving orders and being the leader comes naturally to him. He may, however, find it harder to obey orders! Pride, anger and a strong conviction that his way is best may get in the way of cooperating with elders or even with his chums! He could be so forceful that his friends think him bossy. Nevertheless, he may be strangely unaware of the emotional reaction he gets back from other people. He benefits from programs that place a premium on leadership such as Scouts.

Mars in Virgo in the horoscope

Virgo in the horoscope is an Earth sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Virgin. Mars in Virgo in the horoscope natives are motivated to help and be of service. They need native -sized tools and real jobs to get to work. Work well done merits praise and recognition. Your native must develop a sense of the worth of his work, and his own worthiness lest he offer his services indiscriminately. Otherwise, friends could take advantage of him by playing upon his need to serve others. Your native likely has an innate urge to save, salvage and conserve, and can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. He can’t bear waste and is very thorough and precise. Your native is apt to be a perfectionist, but watch out! Discrimination is fine, but criticism and pettiness would lose him many a friend if not pointed out and corrected! As an adult, an over-fastidious and demanding attitude typically leads to contention with co-workers or with employees. An overconcern with every little picky detail sometimes means the job never gets done at all! On the brighter side, the Mars in Virgo in the horoscope native is usually patient. He is capable of learning and applying detailed techniques whether this be in crafts, in well-laid out botany displays, in building models or in writing papers.

Your native is apt to do his best work in a neat and structured environment. He could feel frustrated, angry and/or disoriented in a messy room (even his own)!

Many artisans and craftsman have Mars in this detailed earth sign. Your native might enjoy sewing, embroidery or in some way working with cloth. Mars in Virgo in the horoscope natives are born investigators. They love to research the laws behind manifestation. A walk through the woods that turns into a research project would excite your native . Since he tends to be methodical and likes to plan, you could set out your project before venturing out! He enjoys the mental stimulation of inductive learning. Try presenting him with math problems and then let him come up with the rule!

Virgo in the horoscope is a practical sign related to the healing arts. As he matures, you might discover that medical research, dentistry (especially with strong Saturn positions), nutritional analysis or psychology may be your native ‘s forte. Mars in Virgo in the horoscope is common in the charts of researchers, critics, analysts, accountants, mathematicians and engineers and other professions where precision, detail, and analytical ability are requisite. If Mars is afflicted, the native could be quite restless and prone to worry. He needs to learn to relax.

Mars in Libra in the horoscope

Libra in the horoscope is an Air sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Scales. The Mars in Libra in the horoscope native seeks inner and outer balance. Some of his greatest lessons in life will come through relationships. Your native has an inner urge to be all things to all people and would rather bend than argue or make waves. He is a natural diplomat, courteous and concerned with the comfort and welfare of others. Often, natives with this placement like to organize social events such as parties.

It’s important to cultivate in your native a strong sense of identity since people with Mars in the sign of the scales may seek others to mirror aspects of themselves. Your native will probably seek a “bosom buddy” and is happiest in a close relationship. Because he may be uncertain as to where he stands with you, he looks for open signs of praise and affection. Sometimes, Mars in Libra in the horoscope manifests as a lack of cooperation, or competition with classmates and friends. To be able to compete with other natives in a fair and open way, your native needs to know his own self-worth. Probably the worst thing parents and teachers can do to the Mars in Libra in the horoscope native is to subject him to negative comparisons with other natives (Why can’t you be like so & so? The native will tend to sell himself short!)

Usually, natives with this placement have a strong sense of fairness. They look at both sides of the coin before arriving at a conclusion. They have strong powers of persuasions and are often expert at bringing opposing sides together. Your native may be interested in law. This position also favors artistic pursuits as well as PR jobs and work dealing with people, such as travel agent or receptionist. If Mars is strongly afflicted, a tendency to argue would make harmony in relationships harder to achieve. On the other hand, your native needs to know who he is and where’s he is headed: the Mars in Libra in the horoscope native too readily accommodates the desires of others, confusing them for his own (desiring to please, and not really sure of what he needs!)

Mars in Scorpio in the horoscope

The native with Mars in Scorpio in the horoscope likes to probe, investigate, get beyond the surface to the deeper meaning of life. Microscopes, telescopes, detective stories, mystery novels and occult literature may appeal to him as well as checkers, chess and other games which depend on strategies. He is interested in what motivates other people and may be unusually perceptive. (This position favors police and detective work, psychiatric counseling and research, politics and market analysis) Because he tunes into people’s psychology, he could be manipulative, knowing just what buttons will get the desired effect! Make the rules of your household plain and easy to follow and then carry them forward with consistency, but never with violence!
Natives with Mars in Scorpio in the horoscope often have musical talent which should be developed as musical expression helps them express their deeply experienced emotions. Sometimes, natives with this placement seek a perfectionism that is unrealistic and if they fall short of the mark, swing to the other extreme in a false passivity. Help your native see the middle way! Teach your native to seek above all a perfection of the heart. With good
training, the rest will follow.

Its important to establish good communication with your native . He is extremely sensitive and is capable of reacting strongly to a (perceived) unkind comment or hurt. He may tend to hold in and suppress his true feelings. Outwardly, he wears a calm mask while inside he may be seething. When the volcano of suppressed emotions finally erupts, others could be bewildered. Let your native know he can trust you. Help him learn to let go of past hurts and move on.

In Scorpio in the horoscope, we can go to the lowest of the low (the Scorpio in the horoscope with its deadly sting) or the highest of spiritual heights (the Eagle). With his action planet in this powerful sign, your native’s rule of thumb could well be, “RIGHT REASON, RIGHT MOTIVE, RIGHT CAUSE.” Wrongly motivated, the Mars in Scorpio in the horoscope individual can be selfish, possessive, and even cruel. Yet when he sees clearly, he can be loyal, courageous, kind and a true warrior of the spirit! He is capable of great inner strength. Your native needs a solid foundation of firm values and principles during the growing up years.

Mars in Sagittarius in the horoscope
Sagittarius in the horoscope is a Fire sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Archer. The Mars in Sagittarius in the horoscope youngster is an explorer, of mental or physical horizons or both! If other personal planets are in fire signs, sitting still in school may not be easy unless the material is very interesting! Your native will love hearing about faraway places and time periods — National Geographic, the Knights of the Round Table, the Inca Empire and the like will capture his attention as well as tales of traveling through the galaxies!

It is likely that your native is a born traveler. He will benefit from excursions, seeing different scenery and environments. His natural inclination to explore typically gives the Mars in Sagittarius in the horoscope youngster a love of the outdoors. Outdoor hikes and camp-outs, fishing and horseback riding may capture his attention. He is interested in learning about the beliefs and concepts that frame civilization: history, religion, philosophy, law. He could be a born crusader, with a marked sense of fairness and strong opinions he will want to vocalize! Give ear and listen but point out the dangers of a know-it-all attitude! Natives with this placement who have not learned to listen and be tolerant of other people’s viewpoints can be self-righteous and resentful of anyone who challenges their opinion!

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius in the horoscope is found in the charts of evangelists, preachers, theologians, judges, history professors, adventurers and explorers, publishers, travel agents and sports fans to name a few. Your native may tend to be enthusiastic but impatient. In his zeal, he could bypass important details or instructions. Insist he listen carefully!

Your native could dissipate his energy and may not always have patience to finish what he begins. Yet the Sagittarian arrow must reach the mark. If he is to be successful in adult life, he had best learn in native hood to finish his projects and chores! Praise your native for jobs well done! Mars energy can very direct and to the point in Sagittarius in the horoscope. However, teach your native not to direct his arrows indiscriminately! Help him understand that there is a time and a place for everything, lest others perceive his candid (yet perhaps untimely or out of place) actions as rude.

Mars in Capricorn in the horoscope

Capricorn in the horoscope is an Earth sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Goat. The Mars in Capricorn in the horoscope native is by nature a very hard worker and is driven to accomplish, manage, and be in control. He is a natural born supervisor! Reinforce his inner urge for order by providing him with an orderly and structured environment. Teach him economy, practicality, and the importance of fair play. Your native has a sense of duty and responsibility that may belie his years. Because of a marked ability to take decisive action and to delegate responsibility, natives with this position may grow up to be administrators or public servants. Work in construction or carpentry is also favored. Other jobs your native may be suited for are; chiropractor, government official, military officer, economist, draftsman, manager or bricklayer!

Whatever his future profession, he is likely to seek to be in command. This powerful placement is best framed by a humble and reverent attitude. Teach your native not to judge (condemn) others, lest he be judged. Some negative traits to avoid or work through are a tendency to be temperamental, dogmatic, overbearing, and/or ambitious to the point of disregarding the rights of others. Positive qualities to instill in your native are a true sense of humility, sensitivity to the needs of others, and the balance between worldly ambitions and spiritual values. Teach him that the ends don’t justify the means!

Your native is willing to work hard to get to the top! He might enjoy physical (mountain) climbing. Mars in Capricorn in the horoscope youngsters typically enjoy contact with the earth: building in the sandbox, outdoor hikes, gardening, rocks collecting. Your native might take to sports that require endurance such as jogging. The influence of the father (or dominant parent) is pivotal for later success in life and may provide the prime motivation (positively or negatively) behind the native’s drive to be somebody important when he grows up!

Mars in Aquarius in the horoscope

Aquarius in the horoscope is an Air sign on the feeling cross. Its symbol is The Waterbearer. The Mars in Aquarius in the horoscope native has an inner drive to be free! He seeks to free the world as well as himself and is a born reformer. Perhaps your native will have a chance to get involved with student government or community issues. He has an inborn sense of uniqueness. Sometimes, the lesson to be learnt is when (and how) to surrender the way he wants to do it, for the good of the group! your native may need extra room (and a room to himself) to think, invent, and create! Independence may be his favorite word. Teach your native the positive and negative consequences of free will. Teach him to be free but never a law unto himself.
Friendships mean a lot to the Mars in Aquarius in the horoscope native . He seeks friends with whom he can share his beliefs and ideas. His friends might be an unusual lot or he might be a leader, someone unique and different from the crowd. Even though he can be surrounded by pals, he is usually somewhat of a loner. If Mars is afflicted, trouble could come from friends at one time or another in his life.

Natives with this placement tend to be highly individualistic and may resist accepting instructions from adult authorities. They want to be free, to do it “my way!” Carried to an extreme, this attitude could manifest as rebellion and stubbornness and a tendency to buck the system. Teach your native to abide by the rules (but you might want to lend an ear to his reasons for wanting to change them)!

You may find your native captivated by planes and flying. The world of electronics and all manner of gadgetry and electronic devices could delight him for hours at a time! When he grows up, your native could be attracted to aviation or space travel, psychotherapy, computers and electronics, astrology, radio or television, and/or university studies.

Mars in Pisces in the horoscope

Pisces in the horoscope is a Water sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Fishes. The Mars in Pisces in the horoscope native is moved to in some way sacrifice in order to help others. Your native has an innate sense of compassion and may surprise you with wise perceptions that transcend knowledge and his years. He may feel hurt when others fail to appreciate his ministrations. Intuitive, he has an inner drive to embrace all that’s psychological, religious, and mystical.

Because natives with their action planet in Pisces in the horoscope are sensitive and can visualize easily, many show early signs of musical, artistic or literary talent. You may discover that your native is attuned to higher realms. This can manifest as a devotional nature, a love of beauty, a belief in miracles!