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Monthly Horoscope-Feb 2024

Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Horoscope for Feb

Aries: You express yourself too forcibly and an authority figure begins to think that you’re a trouble­maker. Take steps to correct that impression especially if you want to ask a favor.

Taurus: You have much to accomplish at work but a sociable atmosphere helps you get everything done with less stress than usual. A colleague who’s also a end wants to meet after hours.

Gemini: You and a mate are at odds and an ongoing battle gets totally out of hand. Writing down your grievances on paper will help you to see them more clearly.

Cancer: You enjoy making plans for a trip to foreign places even if you’re not going. Members of the opposite sex find you particularly appealing. A lover or child wants your full attention.

Leo: Balance. Relationships are accented now. You might not be able to keep up with a sky partner however be you can slow her or him down just a little?

Virgo: Tolerate. Someone new on the scene intrigues and challenges you. This might threaten your ego so much you miss out on a re­ally fun day. Be a good sport.

Libra: Your juggling act with career and family duties is getting to be overly sophisticated because you have too many balls in the air. Simplify your life and it will go more smoothly.

Scorpio: Make sure you examine the small print in documents related to a long-distance trip par­ticularly if you’re doing the groundwork for a group trip. A end objects to your views.

Sagittarius: A path you’ve never considered before opens up before you and you realize that taking it could bring happiness. A mate’s demands anger you and give you the urge to flee.

Capricorn: You’re thrust into a position of authority and a heady feeling of being all powerful overcomes you making it hard for you to make fair judgments. Look within for guidance.

Aquarius: You want to relax perhaps even rest but an opportunity to do something very different from your normal activities comes along. Follow your sense of adventure but avoid taking unnecessary risks!

Pisces: You want the upper hand and that could lead to a tiff with a lover or intimate end who refuses to be manipulated. Get off your high horse before someone knocks you off!


Monthly Horoscope for all 12 Signs. If you know your rising sign, be sure to read that one too.