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Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope Sun

Pisces horoscope is a Water sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Fishes bonded together but swimming in opposite directions. Water sign natives are typically sensitive, responsive, affectionate and kind. Water is reflective so Piscean natives enjoy peaceful surroundings. They often benefit through meditation and enjoy listening to classic music. Pisceans are known to be long-suffering, taking a lot for the sake of upholding beliefs and ideals. Your native will look for ways to help others but must learn to discriminate lest he be taken advantage of because of his inherent kindness.

Natives born under Pisces sign “pick up” easily on vibrations. They can be impressionable on a subconscious level. That is to say, they can absorb the atmosphere around them. What you observe as your Piscean youngster’s “moods” may actually be a barometric reading of family or school ambience. Behavior patterns as well can be copied almost by osmosis! Sometimes Piscean natives empathize so much with someone else’s burden that tears flow freely. The Pisceans native’s sense of individuality may be unclear due to his identification with the suffering of others. Teach him always to affirm his self-worth. The little Piscean who gives freely can be hurt by fair weather friends. He could feel rejected when those less sensitive fail to show appreciation for his services.


One of the greatest lessons in self-mastery for Pisceans is when to give and when to hold back. Continual self-sacrifice can amount to being a door-mat and lead to disappointment. Piscean youngsters who know their self-worth are confident and will seek relationships on more equal footing. Because your native seeks ways to help and care for others, he may enjoy volunteer work for school or church. He would probably enjoy caring for a pet. He has a deep sense of compassion and reaches out to the underdog, whether this be a poor stranger or a bird with a broken wing.

The native is likely to be unusually intuitive. He may know things without being able to explain why. He may be funny, able to laugh at himself, and inspire others. Piscean natives are naturally devotional and respond to religious themes, music and art. Piscean natives are imaginative and creative, but may hide in fantasies when the going gets hard. Your native could appear dreamy. Perhaps he is reaching for higher worlds. You can introduce him to the worlds of transcendency through art, music, religion but teach him to keep his feet on the ground. Stress the practical side of life.

One way you can greatly help your little Piscean is to teach him to confront and conquer his fears. Piscean natives often are like fish in the water. When he is old enough, you might teach your native to dive in the waves. This physical experience could help him avoid being engulfed by seemingly overwhelming problems later on. Some Piscean youngsters grow up to work in hospitals, churches, and/or spiritual retreats.