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Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope Sun

Sagittarius horoscope is a Fire sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Archer. Your fiery archer likes to be out-front, frank, and even rough and tumble at times. He gets to the heart of any subject and tells it like it is! Sagittarians are generally outgoing and well-liked but they’re notorious for being too blunt; the ol’ foot in mouth syndrome! Teach your native tact and social graces. Do not allow rudeness in your household.

Sagittarians are the explorers of the zodiac. Little Archers in particular can be quite restless! Baby Archers delight in strolls around the neighborhood. Tricycles, bicycles and scooters are welcomed with glee! Sagittarian natives do not generally take to boundaries readily so don’t be surprised if your native lets you know the playpen’s not his favorite place! “Don’t fence me in” could easily be his theme song. The challenge begins at toddler age when he takes off in all directions! Older Sagittarians may have trouble staying put in a school chair all day! No wonder! This sign’s natural impulse is to transcend all limitation. Nevertheless, for safety’s sake and for the sake of future success you’ll need to teach your native the necessity for limits! For the same reasons, the Sagittarian youngster may resent restrictions on his freedom. Your native may be a born adventurer. Nevertheless, watch out for signs of “dare-deviltry” that border on arrogance! All natives need to learn to play by the rules and Sagittarian youngsters are no exceptions!


Sagittarius horoscope natives love to travel, its true, but not just physically. They travel with their minds. Seek ways to introduce your native to a wide range of subjects. Colorful books on religious themes, heroes and noble deeds, far-off lands will capture his attention and ignite his own sense of mission! He has a love for the law and a natural sense of fairness. Even more important than book learning for Sagittarian natives may be exposure to a variety of diverse environments and experiences: the park, the marketplace, the mountains, the sea. Sagittarians are also known to be outdoorsmen and enjoy participating in or following sports.Horseback riding comes naturally to many natives of this sign, whose symbol is the Centaur. Show your native the arrow in the Centaur’s hand. The arrow must reach the mark. Tire not in reminding your spirited archer that he must finish what he begins, whether it be putting away his toys or completing his homework. Especially if Mercury is in Sagittarius in the horoscope (less so if its in Scorpio or Capricorn) he may tend to skip the details in his work or become easily distracted. Help him develop good study habits and mental concentration by learning to pull in the reins of the mind and focus on task at hand.

Sagittarius horoscope natives are typically friendly and outspoken. When they feel they have been wronged (disciplined or hemmed in) Sagittarian natives may express resentment and a desire to get even. Retaliation is the misuse of the Sagittarian light! The Sagittarian youngster needs to experience bringing his project to completion, getting the ball in the net and making that goal. When his youth is marked by victories, there is no room for resentment!