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Saturn Signs in Astrology


Saturn in Aries in the horoscope

Saturn in Aries in the horoscope indicates a serious minded pioneer (in whatever field). He doesn’t need to carry a chip on his shoulder, because he has developed self-confidence and can take on difficult circumstances in a challenging mode. At worst, Saturn in the sign of the ego can indicate a self-justified and self-centered individual bent on his own ambition and resentful of any real or imagined opposition to his plans. The key factor depends on how the native perceives himself and also on the nature of his relationship to the father or dominant parent. Success comes from combining enterprise with self-discipline.

Saturn in Taurus in the horoscope

The great spiritual traditions of the East say that suffering is born of desire. Self-liberation comes from non-attachment to desire.

People with Saturn in Taurus in the horoscope typically equate emotional security with material abundance. They can become very attached to their possessions. But the snag is that the more attached they become, the more they fear losing their things, wealth or comfort. The balancing factor lies in the values acquired during native hood. The Saturn in Taurus in the horoscope native needs to learn to be a good steward of this world’s goods. Later in life, he may enter banking, insurance or business management. He will look for a career that insures financial and material security. He is more patient than most, and willing to work hard to gain the object of his desire. He may, however, find it difficult to share with other natives. Remind him of the Golden Rule, “It is far better to give than to receive.” Read him tales that teach the dangers of excessive materialism, such as the story of Midas and that of Scrooge. In THE SOUND OF MUSIC you will find a useful example of a family able to enjoy the good things in life, but who are able to walk away from it and maintain their happiness. Your native may be reluctant to give up his things, even when they have outgrown their usefulness. Teach him to clean out his closet to make room for something new!

Saturn in Gemini in the horoscope

Your native takes communication seriously! This position confers mental discipline and logic. He is a born problem solver! This placement confers ability to organize details systematically and is common in the charts of secretaries, researchers, writers, lecturers, teachers, scientists, engineers and technicians. Your native may enjoy math and science and would likely benefit from extended formal study. His interests are likely to be broad and varied. Especially is Mercury is well aspected, he is likely to be articulate, with a sharp tongue and shrewd mind. With afflictions, basic communication skills may need to be acquired, there may be a negative bent to the mind, the native may experience difficulties with teachers, knowledge may be plentiful but superficial.
Others may interpret Saturn in Gemini in the horoscope’s natural inclination to observe and make objective comments as coldly critical. Show your native how to implement learning in practical ways. Teach him the difference between surface knowledge and applied wisdom. The life of the English statesman and saint, Sir Thomas More, provide an unforgettable example of this principle. An older brother or sister may play an important role in your native ‘s life.

Saturn in Cancer in the horoscope

Natives born with Saturn in Cancer in the horoscope are very sensitive to what goes on at home. Nevertheless, they may find it hard to express their feelings. The Cancer in the horoscope crab carries around his shell to protect his inner vulnerability and easily hurt feelings. Natives with this placement may brood, hide in their room, or somehow conceal their true feelings. They are often defensive (the crab has claws!) The Saturn in Cancer in the horoscope native may be extremely sensitive, but if he chooses not to communicate, he isolates himself emotionally from the rest of the household. This makes it hard for family members to reach them. Perhaps the native hood circumstances are difficult. There may be a karmic situation that needs to be resolved at home. The native with this placement longs for your approval and your respect. He needs to feel secure at home and at peace with himself. He may need a great deal of affection and unconditional love. He also needs self-discipline and greater objectivity when it comes to his feelings. If he feels belittled, unloved, or alone at home (whether or not this be true) he could end up being out of touch with his feelings, of isolating himself from others rather than risk rejection, of justifying negative behavior. If he feels secure within himself, he can better avoid the pitfalls and in adult life may take a serious interest in caring for his own family and in nurturing others.

The Saturn in Leo in the horoscope

Natives learns responsibility through assuming leadership roles. Especially if his basic personality is outgoing, he likes to head the line and lead the parade! As with all Leo in the horoscope placements, he will need to learn to balance his natural inclination for recognition with sensitivity to others and a willingness to serve (even if its not his most favorite chore!) This placement confers both drive and dignity, courage and reserve. If afflicted, and especially if the personality is more timid, the Saturn in Leo in the horoscope native could be afraid to follow his own heart and to express his true emotions. Instead, he may try to always keep his emotions in control. He could be shy when it comes to giving and receiving love. Participating in school plays could help him loosen up and show his true colors. Conversely, he could be bossy and pompous (like the boy in Captain Courageous). Your native needs proper values regarding love, romance and money. Saturn in Leo in the horoscope could indicate a career in the military, in education, in theater, or in banking. In whatever field he chooses, he will seek a position of power and respect. The relationship with the father is vital. Your native will look to him as a role model.

Saturn in Virgo in the horoscope

The Saturn in Virgo in the horoscope native tends to be practical and hardworking. His natural love of perfection could cause him to be too critical of himself and others. Especially if his personality is on the serious side, good may never be good enough for him! Therefore, teach your native the value of learning from mistakes. Point out his positive qualities and show him how to see the good in his work. Guide him in seeing the best in others, rather than mercilessly pointing out their shortcomings. Discourage faultfinding and complaining. A whining “its not fair!” is your cue to teach your native how to turn challenging situations into opportunities! If your native has a more forceful personality, he could react to a perceived personal injustice in anger. Encourage him to think positively! Excessive fretting could lead to health problems. Careers in medicine or science, bookkeeping and accounting, writing and teaching, healing arts or laboratory work may be indicated.

Saturn in Libra in the horoscope

Natives born with Saturn in Libra in the horoscope are by nature gracious and diplomatic and benefit through early exposure to the social graces. Later in life, your native may deal with many different people and will appreciate early training in knowing the appropriate dress and behavior for varied social situations. Your Saturn in Libra in the horoscope native has a strong sense of fairness that later may lead him to consider entering such fields as law and arbitration. His way with people and innate organizational talents could lead to P.R. positions or management roles. The native with this placement typically becomes quite indignant in the face of injustice and will stand up for the underdog! Nevertheless, his sense of justice will vary according to personal outlook. Teach your native to know the spirit as well as the letter of the law. Your native tends to take relationships seriously. If afflicted, he could encounter his greatest challenges, and learn many valuable lessons in life through close partnerships. Emphasize balance and equilibrium in all things. A sense of responsibility for others could lead him to take on their problems. It is good to help others, but not when in so doing, we compromise our own integrity. (Like hanging around with the wrong kids at school). If he fails to acquire this discrimination in relationships during his youth, as an adult he could enter limiting relationships or he could suffer a loss of professional status by taking on more commitments than he can realistically fulfill.

Saturn in Scorpio in the horoscope

The greatest lessons we learn in Scorpio in the horoscope are selflessness and nonattachment to personal desires. Scorpio in the horoscope trials somehow never leave us the same; if we are to rise out of the base (Scorpio in the horoscope) human condition we must pass through a transformation process! You can prepare your Saturn in Scorpio in the horoscope native to later pass every test by emphasizing this rule of thumb for right action: right reason, right motive, right cause! This is the placement of the steward of the goods of others. You will need to impart right values and principles regarding money and sex to your native during the growing up years. Teach him, through anecdote, stories, example, and consistent training that the ends don’t justify the means.

Your native may be especially good at keeping his cool when anyone else would explode but encourage communication between you lest he bottle up his feelings and withdraw within himself. Your native could be perfectionistic to an extreme! A powerful and dynamic placement, Saturn in Scorpio in the horoscope favors financiers, principals and administrators, corporate heads and planners, managers, brain surgeons and researchers and any position demanding drive, persistence and exactitude.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the horoscope

Your native was born with Saturn, the Great Teacher, in the sign of religion, philosophy, law and travel. He inwardly seeks to develop a personal philosophy of life which will frame his later work and which he can share with others. Your native will benefit through sound ethical and moral training. He may require higher courses of formal study to fulfill his career aspirations. He is interested in learning about the great cultural and historical traditions. In educating this native , you yourself can broaden your horizons! Supply him with plenty of colorful stories: King Arthur and the Knights; Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, and the great explorers; Jacques Cousteau Videos, National Geographics; the biographies of great men such as George Washington; the great religious traditions of East and West. Resources such as the Natives Bible, an encyclopedia plus Hirsch’s Cultural Literacy Encyclopedia can provide a fountain of information for his thirsty mind! Your native may feel a sense of mission in life. Sometimes, however, zeal is carried to an extreme in this sign manifesting as religious fanaticism, intellectual arrogance and pride. Hopefully, religious tolerance is practiced in your household! Remind him that no one has all the right answers all the time! Intellectual conceit could manifest as resentment. Your native may have to learn to accept constructive criticism and disciplines.

Saturn in Capricorn in the horoscope

Saturn, the Great Teacher, is at home in this sign of concentrated spiritual power in the earth! When we are humble and attuned to the light within, we can conquer the world! Natives born with Saturn in Capricorn in the horoscope are typically somewhat mature for their age. The native with this placement is conscientious and dutiful and is usually willing to shoulder more than his share of responsibility at home and at school. Especially if Saturn aspects a personal planet or is close to the Ascendant or Midheaven, the native’s personality will be colored by practicality, orderliness, organization and a compelling motivation for meaningful accomplishment. Patience and fortitude help the Saturn in Capricorn in the horoscope native overcome obstacles and achieve success. He could, however, be excessively critical of himself and of others. Teach your native to capitalize on his strengths rather than condemn his weaknesses. Even if he projects a serious cast, he may need more affection than meets the eye! Allow time for play and enjoyment! Success comes later in life and may require much preparation and prior experience.

Sometimes natives born with this placement are overcomers, rising up out of difficult early circumstances. If Saturn is afflicted, the drive for prominence and power can be obsessive. If the native is subjected to verbal or physical condemnation during childhood, he himself could be dictatorial as an adult. A compulsive ambition for outer status could mask his true need to establish a core sense of self-worth. At best, this position confers integrity, honesty, dependability and steadfastness and favors any role entailing hard work and responsibility.

Saturn in Aquarius in the horoscope

Your native was born with Saturn, the Great Teacher, in the sign of freedom and innovation. Aquarius in the horoscope is the sign of invention and of the New Age. Saturn in Aquarius in the horoscope indicates mental concentration in the realm of new ideas and technology. Your native be interested in or excel in Science, Math and Computer Science. Natives with this placement typically place a high premium on truth. During his youth, friends mean a lot to the Saturn in Aquarius in the horoscope native , and he picks them from a broad range of backgrounds! He tends to be loyal and trustworthy, and will defend a friend who he believes is falsely accused. Later, his group of friends may expand to encompass groups, organizations, fraternities and universities, local and universal causes. Aquarius in the horoscope always brings lessons in love. Natives with this placement must learn tolerance and kindness from an early age. They need to allow room for others who may think or do things differently. Mental rigidity manifesting as intolerance, aloofness and intellectual pride are the potential pitfalls of this placement.

Saturn in Pisces in the horoscope

Your native was born with Saturn, the Great Teacher, in the sign of compassion. Natives with Saturn in Pisces in the horoscope typically feel duty bound to reach out and help others. This placement may indicate the need to overcome fears, often at the subconscious level. The imagination can be overactive and the native can easily become anxious. The native may be supersensitive, picking up on other people’s problems but sensing them as his own. Your native will benefit by open communication with an understanding parent to allay his fears. He can channel his imagination creatively through art, music, singing or writing. Encourage your native not to get caught up in what was, but rather to experience what now is and to look forward to what will be. Discourage whining and self-pity. Help your native find effective ways to confront and master even difficult situations or trying emotions.

Natives born with Saturn in Pisces in the horoscope may tend to blame themselves for the shortcomings of their parents. Your native may enjoy quiet periods of meditation when he can feel at peace with himself and his environment. A healthy self-esteem developed during the childhood years is essential to avoid the typical Piscean pitfalls; worrying, escapism, guilt, self-doubt. On the bright side, natives with this placement are understanding and caring. This position favors work in social services, healing arts, or behind the scenes work (in hospitals, monasteries, prisons, or as cinematic directors).

Natives belong to a sub-generation that adopts an innovative approach to leadership, new starts and pioneer-type projects. As a group, they have bold and startling insights and tend to break away from tradition. Your native may seek greater self-expression through sports, exploration, and competition. With positive aspects to personal planets, your native could be a standard bearer. If the personality is self-centered, or if Uranus forms dynamic aspects to personal planets (especially to Mars), then the native will likely have to learn to deal with his anger and to curb impulsiveness for safety’s sake!