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Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope Sun

Scorpio Horoscope  is a Water sign on the feeling cross. Its symbols are the Scorpio in the horoscope, the Phoenix and the Eagle. Water sign natives are typically sensitive, responsive, considerate and kind. Your Scorpio in the horoscope native needs to feel secure, in control of his environment. He is extremely sensitive, picking up on other people’s feelings and hidden motivations. The Scorpio in the horoscope native is so sensitive that occasionally he may withdraw, perceiving that an adult is capable of physically or emotionally hurting him.

Scorpio horoscope is a powerful sign and Scorpio in the horoscope natives respect power as rules, laid down and CONSISTENTLY applied with love. Your native has the inner strength to say “No!” and to go without, if need be, but desire can be very strong in this sign. He needs to have a clear idea of right and wrong from babyhood. He needs to develop good habits concerning belongings, money and the balance between material and spiritual things. (And that, of course, means good examples at home!) he may need encouragement to be willing to share.

Scorpio horoscope is ruled by Mars and Scorpio in the horoscope natives can become intensely angry or manipulative when they don’t get their way. Scorpio in the horoscope energy is dynamically creative. Search for areas of interest–science, music, sports–for your native to channel his great creative potential! Intense and sometimes driven, he’s able to cut through to the heart of things. Teach him to avoid extremes, and to seek the middle way.


Scorpio in the horoscopes experience life on a deep, emotional level. Your native may be moody. Like other natives of the water signs, Scorpio in the horoscope natives are soothed by music. Many have musical talent. Give your Scorpio in the horoscope native something to do — coloring, planting, a project — and give him time alone to delve, discover and create!

Scorpio in the horoscope natives tend to be loners in some way. Scorpio in the horoscopes are adept at masking their true feelings so its important that you establish trust with your native , and keep the avenues of communication open. Your native may have a love of strategy, puzzles, mazes, chess and checkers, science-fiction and mystery stories. Chemistry sets, microscopes, nature walks and research are all up the Scorpio in the horoscope alley.

In Scorpio in the horoscope, the cruel sting of the Scorpio in the horoscope (selfishness, cruelty, over self-concern) is transformed (Phoenix) into the free and noble eagle (I serve, I heal, I share). Scorpio in the horoscopes seeks permanent change. Little Scorpio in the horoscopes learn about themselves by studying cocoons, crystal formations and other natural phenomena that show the phases of transformation and metamorphism.