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Watch over 79 videos on the Tarot for FREE.  Many of these videos are education and entertaining.  This is a great way to understand the wonderful mysteries of the Tarot.

There is one video per Tarot Card.  Our trusted and accurate Psychic and Tarot Card Readers will give you clear cut answers to many areas of your life.

These videos along with the Sun Sign Compatibility videos and Yearly Horoscope Videos are ways for you to have an unlimited free media vault and gain access to more information.

Tarot goes as far back to Mesopotamia.  Tarot is an excellent tool to gain a spiritual prospective and clear prospective on why things are going on in your life. For many centuries its usage can be traced back to cuneiform tablets.

The rich imagery in Tarot awakens the readers intuition.  With so many decks, a deck of Tarot is personal to the reader as it stimulates his/her perceptions.  In fact many readers use different decks.  Some readers use a special deck for the time of the day, the day of the week, for the gender thats being read, for the topic thats being read.  There is no right or wrong way. It is an art.

The beauty of these videos is that it is a very basic foundation into the Tarot.  Basics (we believe) help a reader define his/her craft to an entire level.

In the Tarot, a box may appear on the card.  That box could represent so many different things in different readings. At times it may represent a pregnancy, other times it can a suitcase 9travel) and then another time it can simply represent moving. The variations are guided by intuition.