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Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope Sun 

Virgo horoscope is an Earth sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Virgin. Virgo in the horoscope is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mind and Virgo in the horoscope natives are typically curious about nature and their physical environment. They like to observe natural phenomena to discover the laws behind the manifestation. Some natives of this sign are manually dexterous or show early signs of mechanical ability. Even toddler Virgo in the horoscopes especially enjoy mechanical toys and those that can be taken apart and put back together again. Geometrical painted wood pieces that form beautiful intricate designs may be another Virgo in the horoscope favorite!

Virgo horoscopes seek ways to make their observations practical. Interested in helping, Virgo in the horoscope natives are often truly compassionate, worrying about the welfare of others. Your native may like to take care of everything; rescuing, salvaging, and restoring. Virgo in the horoscopes frequently find their calling through response and service to others, to life. (As adults, Virgo in the horoscopes are often attracted to professions where they can serve; Waiting upon people in a restaurant, secretarial jobs, dental assistants, teachers). Virgo in the horoscope natives need the tools to help (small sized brooms, tools, etc.) and they need real jobs where they can be an asset to the family. As they grow, don’t be surprised when they come up with better more efficient ways of running the house (and everything else to boot)!


Virgo horoscope natives are shy, because they tend to be overly critical of themselves or their performance. For the little Virgo in the horoscope, good is hardly ever good enough if not perfect! Discourage pickiness, fault-finding and complaining. You would do well to teach your Virgo in the horoscope youngster to look for the good in himself, in his work and in others. Sometimes natives with the Sun afflicted in Virgo in the horoscope can be so anxious about perceived imperfection, that they decide not to try at all! Montessori materials with their built-in corrections are perfect for the young (age 2-7) Virgo in the horoscope natives . Remind your native that what matters is that he always try to do his best, but that Rome was not built in a day!

Virgo horoscope natives are attracted to nature, to healing arts (placing a band-aid on a younger native ‘s finger, learning to make herb teas, looking under a microscope). Many are naturals at math and have an affinity for reading! Writing and teaching are Virgo in the horoscope skills waiting to be developed! Because they need to nurture and instruct others, Virgo in the horoscope natives usually enjoy caring for pets and younger siblings. They have a way with details, favorable for many professions such as teaching, engineering, bookkeeping, but they may lose sight of the forest for the trees. Remind your native that “there is a place for everything and for everything a place” lest his room become a maze of pigeonholes, books, and paraphernalia. Virgo in the horoscope natives often enjoy hobbies where they must label, paste, organize and categorize such as coin and stamp-collecting. Virgo in the horoscope is earthy and little Virgo in the horoscopes are acutely aware of their bodies.